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Adebola Williams and Kehinde: Welcoming Baby Arinoluwa



Adebola and Kehinde

Popular Nigerian media entrepreneur Adebola Williams and his wife, Kehinde, are over the moon as they proudly announce the arrival of their first child, a beautiful baby girl named Arinoluwa.

The couple shared their joy through a heartwarming Instagram post that captured the essence of this special moment.

The announcement was made on both Adebola and Kehinde’s Instagram pages, where they revealed that Arinoluwa was born on September 3, 2023, through an elective caesarian section.

The accompanying pictures paint a vivid picture of the joyous occasion, with the first image capturing Adebola tenderly kissing Kehinde’s forehead as she cradles their newborn behind the surgical curtain.

In the second image, Adebola is beaming with pride as he holds their precious baby girl, his happiness radiating through the screen. The post not only shares the excitement of the new parents but also serves as a platform for Adebola to express gratitude.

The caption, “12:14 pm| 09 | 03 AriolaOluwa Ava Oluwateniola Adebola-Williams arrived. ”

“Like her name, we have truly seen the wealth of God; it is marvelous in our sight,” encapsulates the depth of their emotions.

Adebola extends a heartfelt prayer for those on a similar journey, stating, “It’s really raining babies this season; may God answer all those who seek.”

“May it also rain the birth of ideas, businesses, promotions, and new levels of glory for all despite the times!”

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The sentiment is echoed by the flood of congratulatory messages, prayers, and well-wishes that poured in from friends, family, and followers alike.

The news of Arinoluwa’s arrival is particularly poignant as it comes after the couple’s announcement of their pregnancy on October 8, 2023.

At that time, they shared stunning shots from Kehinde’s maternity shoot, already hinting at the joyous addition to their family.

Adebola Williams, known for his prominent role in the Nigerian media landscape, tied the knot with Kehinde on August 7, 2021.

The couple’s journey from exchanging vows to welcoming their first child has been a source of inspiration for many, and the outpouring of love in response to their announcement reflects the widespread joy and excitement for this new chapter in their lives.

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