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Murder: Gov. Adeleke disputes allegations of Adedoyin receiving a state pardon



Murder: Gov. Adeleke disputes allegations of Adedoyin receiving a state pardon

Dr. Rahman Adedoyin, who was given a death sentence for the murder of Timothy Adegoke, has not been granted a state pardon, according to Osun Governor Ademola Adeleke.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Adedoyin, the proprietor of Hilton Hotels, was given a death by hanging sentence by the Osun High Court of Justice in Osogbo on May 30 for the murder of Adegoke, a postgraduate student at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife.

The governor’s media assistant, Malam Olawale Rasheed, dismissed rumours on social media that Adeleke was planning to overturn the verdict by pardoning Adedoyin in a statement released on Monday in Osogbo.

The governor was reported in the statement as adding that his government had never interfered with the justice system and never would.

It said that those responsible for the fake news were the enemy of the people.

The bogus news was created by nefarious political operatives who were desperate to blackmail the state governor and were simply grabbing at straws.

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“Governor Adeleke has never considered—and never will—using the prerogative of mercy—or whatever the report names it—on a case that is still being adjudicated and that has sparked intense interest among local and international audiences.

Rasheed stated, “We affirm with every feeling of accountability that Governor Adeleke was not at any point in time a friend or business partner of the owner of Oduduwa University and did not interfere, intervene, or exhibit any improper agenda in the arraignment, hearing, and sentencing of the accused.

Thus, he advised the general public to disregard allegations that Governor Adeleke had pardoned the criminal and the flimsy attempt to tie the service history of a state court officer to the widely accepted verdict in the horrific murder of a graduate student.

“Those spreading such misinformation are dark forces working on behalf of bitter, sinister political forces. It is best to disregard them.

“We express our gratitude to the good-willed individuals who vigorously defended the governor against this staged untruth.

The unvarnished fact, according to Rasheed, is that neither the state legislature nor the state governor are motivated by the subversion of the judicial system.


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