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Tinubu Calls for Unity to Counter the Proliferation of “Infectious Autocracy” Amid Gabon Coup



Judiciary last hope of common man: Tinubu pledges reform

In a timely and thought-provoking move, Nigerian politician Bola Ahmed Tinubu has issued a compelling call for unity as a countermeasure to the growing spread of what he terms “infectious autocracy.”

This call comes against the backdrop of a recent coup attempt in Gabon, a country that has witnessed its fair share of political upheaval. Tinubu’s stance reflects his deep concern for the stability of African nations and the need to safeguard democratic principles.

The term “infectious autocracy” coined by Tinubu paints a vivid picture of the subtle yet rapid expansion of authoritarian rule. Drawing from the metaphor of an infection, Tinubu warns that such autocratic tendencies, once allowed to take root in one nation, can swiftly spread to neighboring countries, threatening the hard-fought gains of democracy across the continent.

This resonates especially strongly given the history of political contagion that has swept through Africa, as one coup or dictatorship often begets another.

Tinubu’s call for unity is both a rallying cry and a strategic imperative. He emphasizes the need for nations to stand together, transcending borders and differences, to form a united front against the encroachment of autocratic forces. By standing shoulder-to-shoulder, these nations can harness their collective strength to prevent the infection of authoritarianism from gaining a foothold.


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The unity he advocates goes beyond mere words, urging concrete cooperation and diplomatic efforts to isolate and address potential autocratic threats.

The Gabon coup serves as a stark reminder of the fragile nature of democracy. Tinubu’s astute observation underscores the fact that the struggle for democracy is an ongoing process, requiring vigilance, proactivity, and cross-border collaboration.

While some might argue that autocracy can offer stability in the short term, the long-term consequences are often detrimental, leading to human rights abuses, economic stagnation, and social unrest.

In conclusion, Tinubu’s call for unity in the face of the “infectious autocracy” highlights the interconnectedness of African nations and their shared responsibility to preserve democratic values. His appeal is a clarion call to leaders across the continent to set aside differences and work collectively to fortify the foundations of democracy.

As echoes of his message resonate, it is hoped that his visionary perspective will guide both current and future leaders in safeguarding the progress and aspirations of the African people.

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