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Steady Growth Of AKMODEL GROUPS: Searchlight On Builder (Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade Part2



Steady Growth Of AKMODEL GROUPS: Searchlight On Builder (Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade, Part 2

(Dr.) Abdulhakeem Odegade

When I came back to Lagos during one of the holiday breaks, one of my father’s friends told my dad, “Mr. Jimoh, you have to pave the way for this young man; he has been to school and his mode of doing things is even different.”  They now began to engage me in some projects and told me to be sharing whatever I make with my father.

The first job I got on my own was on Roberts Street in Magodo Ph2, a duplex owned by a fashion designer. Due to how I executed it, I began to get more and more projects in Lagos. Not forgetting the fact that I was still in school, I had to go back and continue/complete my studies.
That was how the journey of the construction work started

When I was doing my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) at Lagos State Ministry of Works under Builder (Mrs.) Ogunnaike (Rtd.) and Builder Afolabi (Rtd.), though some are still in service, they used to call me Omo-odę because as a ‘Corper’ I still had all those private practices (PP) outside. Even in the camp, I was among the camp members that maintained all the chambers and the bricklaying work within the camp as of then. They loved me so much that, as we speak presently, some of the NYSC staff have invested in me in the real estate business.

I had to move in when there were demands for landed properties from my clients. I registered the company as AKMODEL HOMES AND PROPERTIES. The company is registered with the EFCC and is also a member of real estate associations both in Lagos and in Nigeria.

A. Names Of Some Of Our Estates Sold Out (Lagos)

We started the First Estate in November 2020 in Ibeju-Lekki.

1. Akmar Court Ph1, then extension;
2. Akmar Court Ph2, then extension;
3. Akmar Flourish Garden in Epe;
4. Akmar Royal Garden in Epe;
5. Akmar Queens Court in Epe;
6. Akmar Heritage in Epe;

7. Now dealing with Honeycomb Estates in Iba Oloja, behind the Free Trade Zone in Ibeju-Lekki.

A. ITE (Royal Place): Monastery Road, Sangotedo, Lagos State

B. Akmar Waterview, Ibon Village, Elerangbe, Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State.

C. Akmar Freezone City, Besides Lekki Free Trade Zone

D. Akmar Hilltop Estate, Igbodu, Epe

E. Akmar Utopia Garden
Akmar Pride Villa, Iba Oloja, Lekki Free Trade Zone

F. Honeycomb Estates, Iba Oloja, Lekki Free Trade Zone

These are very lucrative places; they are selling out fast as people are rushing them.

2. We also have properties outside Lagos, namely:

A. Akmar Kings Court, Uyo (Akwa Ibom State);

B. Akmar Emirates Court in Ilorin;

C. Akmar Farm Village in Ogun State

D. Lavender Garden in Delta

E. Akmar Hilltop Estate, Enugu Agidi, Awka (Anambra State)

F. Akmar Choice Farm, Epe Road, Ijebu-Isiwo Village, Ogun State

G. Akmar Oasis Estate, Ibagwa Nike, Enugu State

Also outside the country:

1. Akmar Gardens in Ghana
2. Akmar Gardens in Ivory Coast
3. Akmar Gardens In London (opening Soon)

All our estates are titled lands and free from government acquisition.

We let our clients know this truth, and this makes them have more trust and confidence in the company, which is integrity for us. The managing director is always available to listen to any complaints, offer solutions, and give advice diligently too.

Presently, there’s another request that came to us for sales apartments, and we already have clients that want to invest in the project, which is already ongoing in the Sangotedo area of Ajah.

A sales apartment is a series of flats attached or separated for rent-out or sale.
They could be: a room self-contained (studio flat), one, two, or three bedroom flats on 2/3 floors, depending on the design.

This type of project is for people who are already house owners and have funds but don’t want to leave them in the bank. They invest in the number of units they want (paying part to complete when the project is finished). At completion, the apartments will be rented out, and the investor will be earning on them even in the comforts of their own homes.

Along the line, we also introduced what is called land banking, which is a way of aggregating a landed property, keeping it for a while, and reselling it at a higher price. No inflation or crash in the economy affects this. By getting all the necessary documents, a client can buy and keep, buy and build, or buy and resell immediately, depending on what the client wants.

They can also decide to invest in a particular estate for some months, pay and get the documents, and, at maturity, sell and cash out their funds with a return on investment (RoI) effortlessly while they are sleeping.

In business, there is a difference between business and investment: in business, you invest money somewhere and it is working for you, while in business, you are the one working for the money. So let the money work for you too, so that the pressure will not be too much on a particular person.

To be continued…

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