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South Africans face a water shortage due to an epileptic power supply



South Africans face a water shortage due to an epileptic power supply

According to the BBC, South Africa’s epileptic power supply has resulted in a water shortage as taps run dry in cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria.

According to Sipho Mosai, the head of state-owned Rand Water, one of the country’s main water providers, the country’s electricity woes, with regular lengthy scheduled blackouts, have hit the people hard.

According to the report, wealthy individuals are turning to private boreholes as the best alternative to taps, naming Garsfontein as one of the locations.

“All of our stations require electricity and power.” “You have to pump water everywhere it is needed,” Mosai explained.

According to the BBC, South Africans are frustrated because much of the domestic water supply is dependent on electricity to pump it from the source to the vast high plain on which the cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria sit.

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“I’m sick of not knowing when we’ll have water and when we won’t,” the irritated homeowner admitted.

“Having a borehole means we won’t have to rely as heavily on the government; it’s what’s best for my family.”

“Electricity is really at the heart of what we do, and if we don’t have it externally, it becomes a problem, at least for now.”

Every day, 70 million litres of treated, clean, drinkable water are lost due to leaks in the deteriorating water system.

The majority of water waste has been linked to poorly run municipalities that do not invest in maintenance, partly due to corruption and theft.

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