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Profits at FCMB increased by 108% in the first nine months of 2023.



FCMB’s Pre-tax profit surges by 193% in Q1 2024

Profits at FCMB increased by 108% in the first nine months of 2023.




FCMB Group Plc posted a pre-tax profit of N55.1 billion in the nine months ending September 2023, marking a year-on-year growth of 108% from the corresponding period in 2022.




During Q3 2023, the group achieved a pre-tax profit of N16.9 billion, representing 52.7% year-on-year growth from the same quarter in 2022.




In the nine months, the group achieved a profit after tax of N49.15 billion, representing a YoY growth of 114.4% from the corresponding period in 2022.




Key Highlights: Q3 2023 vs. Q3 2022

Net interest income: N48.16 billion, +46.42% YoY
Net fee and commission income: N9.26 billion, -8.94% YoY.
Net trading income: N1.12 billion, -54.05% YoY.
Net impairment losses on financial instruments: N9.91 billion, +23.72% YoY
Personnel expenses: N12.85 billion, +52.56% YoY
General and administrative expenses: N16.11 billion, +33.23% YoY
Profit before taxation: N16.91 billion, +52.68% YoY
Profit for the period: N13.74 billion, +48.44% YoY.
Total assets: N3.88 trillion, +30.03% YTD
Return on Equity: 15.13% (Q3 2023)




FCMB Group’s financial performance in the nine months of 2023 is reflective of the remarkable performances Nigerian banks have put up within the same period. However, the group’s return on equity of 15.1% ranks it low among the banks.




Year-on-year, the group’s loan position increased by 34.3% to N1.19 trillion within the nine months, while its customer deposits grew by 39.1% year-on-year to N2.53 trillion within the same period.

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