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Dentistry in Nigeria is being impacted by medical tourism and brain drain, says Amy Shumbusho



Dentistry in Nigeria is being impacted by medical tourism and brain drain, says Amy Shumbusho

Dr. Amy Shumbusho, the founder of Smile360 Dental Specialist Clinic, has expressed concern about the effect of the current trends of medical tourism and brain drain on dentistry in Nigeria. She bemoaned the exodus of many skilled dental professionals, which has left the nation with a shortage of qualified practitioners.

Shumbusho remarked as Smile360 won the Nigerian Healthcare Excellence Award, or NHEA, for the seventh consecutive year in recognition of its superior dental services. The quality and accessibility of dental care in Nigeria are substantially impacted by the current state of the health sector, according to Shumbusho in a virtual interview with media.

She asserts that “the government and other stakeholders must foster an atmosphere that encourages dental professionals to stay in the nation and draws those who have left to return.”

She emphasised the requirement for competitive pay and benefits, better working conditions, and greater prospects for career advancement.

According to Shumbusho, the government can invest in the infrastructure and resources required to deliver high-quality dental care in order to encourage locals to seek out local dental treatment and reduce medical tourism.

This entails enhancing dental facilities, guaranteeing the availability of contemporary equipment, and encouraging dental professionals’ ongoing education and training, according to what she said.

Commenting about the recent NHEA award in Lagos, a delighted Shumbusho said the honour was proof of their everlasting commitment to excellence and purpose to offer patients the best dental treatment possible.

According to Shumbusho, the NHEA’s continued acknowledgement of their work only serves to highlight their achievements and inspire them to keep breaking barriers and establishing new benchmarks in the field of dentistry.

The annual NHEA award highlights the work of organisations that have made a major contribution to the provision of healthcare services in Nigeria by recognising outstanding accomplishments and innovation within the healthcare industry.

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“We prioritise patient comfort and convenience by providing a variety of treatments under one roof, while our facilities provide a sense of peace & a physical ambiance which helps relax and soothe our patients by utilising cutting-edge equipment and technology,” she said.

She claimed that the recognition will motivate Smile360 to keep upping the quality of its offerings, making investments in cutting-edge technology, and enhancing the patient experience.

She went on to support working with private dentistry practises to create dental care plans that are accessible and affordable for all citizens.

She continued by saying that the government must launch public awareness programmes to inform Nigerians of the advantages of seeking dental care locally and the dangers of medical travel.

Smile360 provides new technologies such as digital dental imaging, CAD/CAM technology for making crowns, veneers, and other dental restorations, integrated electronic medical records, and online appointment scheduling systems in order to leverage advanced dental technologies and techniques for superior outcomes.

Family dentistry, orthodontics and Invisalign, prosthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, dental implants, endodontics, periodontology, laser dentistry, Hollywood Smile, and smile design are all services offered by Smile360 today.

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