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A Call to Return Home: Tinubu’s Message to Nigerians in the US



A Call to Return Home: Tinubu's Message to Nigerians in the US

In a heartfelt address, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a prominent Nigerian political figure and former governor of Lagos State, called on Nigerians living in the United States to consider returning to their homeland.

His message, delivered with a mix of patriotism and concern for the diaspora, underscored the importance of their skills, expertise, and contributions to the development of Nigeria.

Tinubu began his speech by acknowledging the valuable role that Nigerians abroad play in their host countries, highlighting their successes in various fields, from medicine and technology to business and academia.

He expressed immense pride in the achievements of Nigerians on foreign shores, noting that they have not only represented the country well but have also made significant impacts globally.

However, Tinubu then shifted the focus of his address to the challenges and opportunities that Nigeria faces.

He acknowledged that the nation has its fair share of problems, including issues with infrastructure, education, healthcare, and security.

Despite these challenges, he emphasized that Nigeria is a land of immense potential and limitless opportunities.

Tinubu passionately argued that Nigerians in the US possess valuable knowledge, skills, and experience that are crucial for addressing the nation’s issues. He called on the diaspora to consider returning and using their expertise to contribute to the betterment of Nigeria.


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He highlighted the importance of a brain gain rather than a brain drain, a term often associated with skilled professionals leaving the country.

Furthermore, Tinubu assured Nigerians in the US that their return would not be in vain.

He promised that the government, in collaboration with the private sector, would create an enabling environment for innovation, entrepreneurship, and career growth.

He spoke about initiatives aimed at boosting sectors such as technology, agriculture, and manufacturing, all of which could benefit greatly from the expertise of returning Nigerians.

Tinubu’s message resonated with many in the diaspora who have a strong emotional connection to their homeland.

It ignited a sense of responsibility and patriotism, prompting discussions within Nigerian communities abroad about the possibility of returning and contributing to the nation’s development.

In conclusion, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s call for Nigerians in the US to come back home was not just a plea but a vision of hope and progress.

He encouraged the diaspora to see themselves as agents of change and development, capable of transforming Nigeria into a beacon of prosperity.

Whether or not this call leads to a significant return of skilled professionals, it undoubtedly rekindled a sense of unity and purpose among Nigerians across the globe, all working toward a brighter future for their beloved nation.

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