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48 people were killed in a road accident in Kenya



48 people were killed in a road accident in Kenya

On Friday evening, 48 people were killed in a road accident in Londiani, western Kenya, according to police and witnesses, the accident occurred when a lorry carrying a shipping container veered off the road and collided with several vehicles.

According to the BBC, local broadcasters’ footage of the accident’s aftermath showed twisted wreckage of cars and motorcycles alongside damaged minibuses and trucks.

On Friday evening, regional police commander Tom Odera said the death toll stood at 48.

“I noticed a fast approaching caravan.” I swerved to avoid colliding with him. The person behind me assumed I wanted to buy something. He passed me, and that’s when he was hit. “The caravan went off the road and collided with other vehicles,” said driver Peter Otieno.

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“With my own eyes, I saw about 20 bodies.” There were other bodies beneath the vehicle.”

According to the Kenya Red Cross, the lorry hit more than six vehicles and ran over pedestrians. According to the Red Cross, more than 20 people were taken to local hospitals.

Kenyan President William Ruto tweeted, “The country mourns with the families who have lost loved ones in a horrific road accident in Londiani.”

“It is heartbreaking that some of the fatalities are young people with bright futures and business people going about their daily lives.”

The crash was one of the deadliest on Kenyan roads in recent years. Last year, 34 people were killed in central Kenya when their bus drove off a bridge and into a river valley.

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