How To Work From Another Time Zone

After years of working remotely—for companies in India, Canada, Australia, and the U.S.—I’ve learned a lot. Here’s a sneak peek, but keep reading for tips on how to make the most of the pros and overcome Python the cons that crop up when the world is your office. Asking for permission takes time—especially on a distributed team. That’s why it’s essential to figure out what you can preemptively unblock.

Tips on Working in Different Time Zones

Rotate the meeting time each week to make things more fair. That way, the team member in Dublin doesn’t have a late meeting every week, and the team member in New York City doesn’t have an early meeting every week. Remote and global employees know they need to be flexible, but still, managers struggle to get team members on the same schedule. In the past, everyone worked in the same building, arrived and left around the same time each day and meetings were held with all members in one room.

Turn your kindness and understanding knob up about 15% when you’re remote. It might feel odd, but the space for miscommunication and misunderstanding can compound. If you’re new to working remotely and are feeling unsure about it, then read on for some of the lessons I learned about achieving remote success. For an even simpler way to see what time it is around the world, check out Every Time Zone. It shows the current time in your own city, along with others in popular time zones around the world. No matter how independently you can work, and how hard you try to stay connected, you won’t be in the flow of what everyone’s doing unless you have a team chat tool.

The Pros And Cons Of Working Across Time Zones: What To Expect When You Work In A Distributed Company

I was a ball of nerves every time we worked from somewhere where I felt unsure about the WiFi quality for video streaming. This is a good backup WiFi option, and I wish I had it from the start of my remote work journey. Even now, as I work remotely from home in Santa Barbara, CA, my seating situation is crucial for how my neck and back feel at the end of the day, and my mental focus. We’ll email you 1-3 times per week—and never share your information.’s World Clock Meeting Planner won’t win any design awards, but it makes time shift scheduling straightforward. You pick the cities where everyone lives, and the date for your meeting, and it’ll show in green, yellow, and red the times that are best, not too bad, and terrible for everyone. Sometimes you need someone to hold you accountable or just to work alongside you.

  • Some regions take lunch at different times, take longer breaks, or don’t work traditional hours.
  • CompanyAbout us We build Robust, Scalable and Secure platforms that drive your business.
  • Google Calendar settings will also ask if you want to “Ask to update my primary time zone to current location,” and you can choose to check this box, or not.
  • Once everyone’s set and communicated their working hours, make sure you’re respecting them!
  • Also, ensure every person involved has the right admin access to avoid late-night calls, hold-ups, and rescheduling.

Plus, even though we joke about wearing your PJs to meetings, there’s a lot more weight in professionalism in meetings as a remote team member. If you have to be “on” at all, then it should be during those calls with your team. Sometimes at the end of a long day of calls, I feel wiped like I’ve delivered a performance. There’s a lot of gesticular communication on video chats, so the quality must be keeping up. So it’s fair to rotate meeting times between time zones every month or quarter. This ensures no one team is constantly making the sacrifice to stay connected. And it may get everyone to start thinking twice about holding meetings when they’re the one clocking in odd hours.

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Managers and decision-makers are the ones facing the harshest challenges when working with teams who operate across time zones. Along with aligning operations, other risks could seriously disrupt major processes, if left unchecked. Let’s get a better insight into the challenges of globally distributed teams to get a clearer idea of what to look out for and how to prevent any larger issues. This may involve rescheduling some meetings to avoid overlap with obligations that are already on your calendar. For freelancers and anyone working remotely, there are many challenges for working with clients or coworkers in different time zones. In fact, one of the aspects of the job that freelancers have the most trouble with is working to accommodate multiple time zones, and figuring out how to overcome time zone differences.

You can import your team’s contact list directly from Slack to There, or you can add people and locations individually. Open up Every Time Zone in your web browser for an at-a-glance guide to your time zone as compared to multiple cities, including Tokyo, Berlin, and Dubai. It’s laid out so that each time zone appears relative to one another, and if you register for a free account you’ll be able to customize the cities that show up and the order they’re in. If you have an iPhone, tap on World Clock, and then the plus button; if you have an Android phone, tap on the globe icon and search for the city you’re interested in.

Despiteattempts to reinvent time zonesto make it easier for everyone around the world, we still can’t seem to come to a universal agreement. Generally, this isn’t too much of a problem as everyone understands the time zones in their region. In the United States, there’s a three-hour difference between the East and West. If your schedule and the balance of your week are important to you, remember to set boundaries as a freelancer and politely turn down meetings that fall outside your working hours.


“Although some sort of guidance and boundaries help people in staying focused, too many will, perhaps demotivate the team in the short to mid term,” she said. When a team gets demotivated, they are less likely to go the extra mile or engage productively to solve problems, Bubna added. Those that have embraced remote work can hire the best employee for the job, regardless of their location. “Mindbowser was very helpful with explaining the development process and started quickly on the project.” Unless a system is set up to report and manage bugs, they can soon become a big backlog that can give team jitters, every time they look at it.

At Zapier, we stay connected with our team in a number of ways. We post thoughts and updates about team projects on Slack, regardless of who’s online. Plus, each department has a weekly video call to map out that week’s work, and every Thursday we’ll have an all-hands call in order to get everyone together. If you’re always waiting for someone to tell you what to do next, and that someone’s asleep while you’re working, you’ll never get anything done. That’s why the most crucial part of building a remote team is hiring self-directed workers—”managers of one,” as the Basecamp team calls them in their book Rework. “You want someone who’s capable of building something from scratch and seeing it through. Finding these people frees the rest of your team to work more and manage less,” the book explains.

Tips on Working in Different Time Zones

Using management tools that display the timeline with crucial time zones can assist with keeping track of work schedules and updates. Working across time zones necessitates setting fair meeting times.

How To Work Across Time Zones

I had to learn with these clients that the due date they requested was the day before in my time zone. With a major time difference, you may have to submit work early or structure your day differently to get work in on time. I wouldn’t trade the ability to locate my office anywhere in the world, I think it’s just the coolest part of the technological age. I’ve written articles from a hammock in Indonesia and brainstormed tips from the Hofbrauhaus in Munich, and I wouldn’t have been able to do any of this without learning how to make time zones work for me. As a freelancer, especially if you’re working as an individual contributor, other members of the team or group may forget where you’re located. This is especially hard if you tend to move around from city to city or country to country, or if you just moved, and crossed time zones, like from Florida to Texas, for example. Communicate with teams and clients when you travel and change time zones.

  • Plus, a massive public database of chats allows teammates to find the answers to their own questions by searching.
  • More than 30 million users and 100,000 organizations from startups to global enterprise organizations use GitLab to deliver great software at new speeds.
  • Then the next time you organize a meeting, share the burden and make it easy for them and harder for everyone else.
  • These provide you with a clear view of your remote team members’ work schedules over time.

Failing to clarify your expected time due to time zone boundaries can create confusion about submission dates, conference meeting time, and possibly, damage your entire strategy. Since you will not always be able to manage your employees in real-time, it is ideal that you clarify your expectations from your workforce at the very beginning. Scheduling and assigning a task list at the start of a week gives your employees a scope to analyze the target work beforehand.

How To Create An Autism Friendly Work Environment

If you use a group chat tool, communicate in public channels unless it’s a sensitive or personal issue. You might not know everyone who needs to be aware of something or whose help you’ll need, python but if you work in public, you increase the odds that they’ll see it. Plus, a massive public database of chats allows teammates to find the answers to their own questions by searching.

Furthermore, managers need to be specific with time zones when setting up schedules for meetings, deadlines, or any project discussion. That assists your remote team in other areas of the world to adjust the outlined time zone with theirs. Managers who do not clarify their expected time because of time zone boundaries will have problems on their hands. It will lead to confusion on due dates, meeting times and potentially damage the remote working strategy.

  • Work together, even if there is a time gap, and you’ll find that the old adage “two are better than one” is still true.
  • Be transparent about your working hours and availability.
  • It is essentially our “office”—the main place that our team communicates and collaborates with each other.
  • While I was abroad, we moved all meetings to overlap with my time difference.
  • His solution was to have a coding partner, someone he’d bounce ideas off of and check in with about project progress.

You want to avoid overworking and resulting in burnout in split shift situations. Ensure that both groups of people in their respective time zones know when they can expect you to be available and when you won’t be. You may think acknowledging time zones goes without saying but often times it is overlooked and this can lead to miscommunication and confusion. Let’s look at some tips and tricks you can adopt for your distributed team to get the most out of the benefits such teams offer and thus bypass a lot of the disadvantages.

The post outlines how to build an effective time zone agnostic team as a company leader, people manager, colleague, and as a geographically remote person. This is foundational to working in a distributed team spread across time zones where quick check-ins aren’t feasible.

I first learned this when I lived in China for two years. Some of the year, I was 12 hours ahead of my family in New Jersey, and the other half of the year, when the US changed clocks, I was 13 hours ahead! It wasn’t so hard to keep track of – rather, I just had to know which dates were going to affect my 9 am morning calls with my parents and etc. This is a free and simple tool for macOS (other platforms “coming soon”) where you can see a list of people, their locations and current time where they are.

Meeting Management

The work day got longer as we tried to hand off and sync at the beginning or end of our days with the overseas team. We were creating so much design content, and yet it felt like we were not moving forward in the project. The team Trello boards are where we put weekly and upcoming to‑do’s, as well as quarterly goals . Simply put, it keeps things from slipping through the cracks. A fun way to put an exclamation point at the end of each meeting. Lately our word of the day has come from a random Cards Against Humanity card that Lesley pulls each day. Less satisfaction with the team experience across the board.

Tips on Working in Different Time Zones

And then the last one is just the classic And that gives a visual overview of all the time zones in the world at the same time. VISUALIZE TIME ZONES. There is a great app called, which visually shows on one screen where all of your teammates are in the world and their time zone. Similarly, will show you them same thing in graph format. CREATE A TEAM AGREEMENT.One of the major points in the team agreement is to always talk in one time zone. So pick one and then have the entire team talk in that time zone. When you’re working remotely or in a different location from other team members, you can’t easily turn to them, ask a question, or make conversation.

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It’s important to realize that this approach can sometimes backfire with a remote team, said Sonu Bubna, co-founder of, a London-based software company that creates online storefronts. Ideally, workers should communicate their needs and preferences from the outset so that managers and team members can empathize and accommodate their needs. Team members should keep one another informed of their schedules through auto-responders, online statuses , and the team’s shared calendar , as well as daily/weekly/monthly check-ins.

But what if your remote colleague is going to see your message hours later and you’ll be out of your office by then? If they run into trouble with access, they’ll have to wait another day until they can do the work (or you’ll be receiving a late-night phone call!). This loss of productivity — and increase python in frustration — can add up quickly. We’ll show you what those are, and how to work efficiently with teammates across different time zones in a way that’s productive (and not intrusive!). We’ll also show you some of the key tips to take into account to be more aware of the experiences of remote employees.

You’ll have early birds, night owls, and employees who fall somewhere in between. You may also have team members who like working split shifts, where they work part of the morning, take time off to run errands or pick up their kids from school, then continue working at night. Such tools will help your team stay connected but also offer the ability of all your team Tips on Working in Different Time Zones members to keep everyone updated as to progress or the task at hand. When working with individuals in different locations and different time zones you need to know when to be flexible. One way to achieve this is by blocking off times or indicating it clearly in your shared calendar. This way everyone on that calendar will know when you are available for them.

Posting updates about what you’re working on allows for better alignment with the rest of your team and company. How you share will depend on the size and culture of your company, but be sure you have a system for it, so there’s a high signal-to-noise ratio when people post important updates. Working with a team across time zones poses distinct obstacles to some of the standard practices we’ve all been accustomed to. To get it done correctly, you’ll need a carefully balanced mix of compassion, flexibility, and asynchronous work. You don’t want to submit a project to Bangladesh around Eid Vacation when the offices are closed.

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