The Hilarious Five Minutes Man Issue Of The BBNAIJA REUNION Season Six

Bbnaija Reunion

The Hilarious Five Minutes Man Issue Of The BBNAIJA REUNION Season Six

Fans, housemate’s and even Ebuka is hilariously tired of the 5srconds or five minute thing in the season 6 Bbnaija Reunion.

Fabenmedia Nigeria reports that ka3na admitted that she and Praise had sex says that he was a 5 seconds man and he doesn’t last in bed. She says she expected more but she “f***ed” him and not the other way round. She says that she took him to her bed and “f***ed” him (had sex with him).

It’s kidwayas reaction for me💦🤣👆

Then Tbaj and Prince revealing their sexual pleasure, Tbaj also says she expected more from a man like him that carry shoulder but she didn’t get that and she was disappointed, “it was whack” she says. This sounds more like a 5 seconds man to many fans.


Now coming down to the last 5 seconds, Lilo clearing the air about the kiss issue between herself and Prince says that the kiss was like five seconds.

At this point Ebuka reacts saying what is with the females and this five second thing. “I think I need to watch that Saturday night party again”, Ebuka says

Many housemates on hearing the blowjob by Dora to Bright as well as sex between ka3na and Praise, leaves them wondering was I really in the house and where was I when all this was happening. Was I already evicted….

It’s tricky and kid’s reaction for me…      Kidwaya: was I really in the house when all this happened 🤣🤣                Tricky tee: My brother🤣🤣🤣

Fans Reaction:

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