#Bbnaija Reunion: Dora, Tbaj And Prince Go All Out (Intimacy Is Revealed) Videos

Bbnaija Reunion

#Bbnaija Reunion: Dora Tbaj And Prince Go All Out (Intimacy Is Revealed) Videos




Bbnaija Reunion

#Bbnaija Reunion gets hot as secrets are revealed, fighting occurs, emotions are brought in and many more.


Fabenmedia Nigeria reports that Tbaj and Prince had something intimate. Many fans are quite confused about the meaning of intimacy in this context.


It is clear to say that Tbaj’s statement of Prince not being as good in bed as she expected clears all confusion.


Tbaj says she’s upset because Prince kissed Lilo at the Saturday party in the bus back to their hotel knowing that she was sitting right there, and she saw it. She was so uncomfortable that she had to get off the bus.


She was also pissed about his actions on Dorothy’s birthday, bieng all romantic and did nothing on her (Tbaj) birthday which was after Dora’s birthday.


The comments and actions from fans also added to her anger. When she hears statement like “PriDo” (Prince & Dora) here and there doing things and fans saying PriBaj (Prince & Tbaj) hasn’t done this things or PriDo looks happy together, PriDo at Kenya…..


Lilo clears things up about the kissing issue and further explan thing’s. She lets everyone know that she was drunk and kissed Prince and he immediately cautioned her saying she was drunk and she should stop, it wasn’t even up to 5 seconds she says as Ebuka says what is going on with this 5 seconds thing 不.


Lilo goes on to say that Prince told her he wanted to tell Dora about their kiss and she was cool about it because she had nothing to hide, Prince and Dora weren’t dating and Dora was like her best friend so she had no issues.

Lilo spoke to Dora later on thinking that Prince had talked to her about the kiss and she ask her if Prince had told her and Dora says yh not really knowing it was the kiss issue, she talks about other things and Tbaj issues when Lilo says ok buh I was talking about Prince and I kissing. Here Dora is upset as she was already upset about Prince’s disloyalty from the onset and now he kissed Lilo and never felt a need to tell her.


Lilo further says that she told Dora that she didn’t know he (Prince) hadn’t told her and she should calm down.


We get to know from Lilo’s statement that Dora says she’s pissed and may do something that might hurt Lilo and still Lilo tells her to calm down.


Prince then starts his own explantation, saying when he got out of the house, his people told him not to have anything to do with Tolanibaj because she isn’t loyal and she was going after Neo, but he let’s them know that he (Prince) likes her and he’ll first talk to her about it even if things don’t work out at least they can still be friends. Then when he talks about it with her they decided to stay friends.

Prince says he kept saying their working on their relationship anytime he was asked about it in his interviews but later tells Tbaj that anytime they were asked she should respond they were just ffriends which they actually were. This was to clear things up so everyone would know.


Prince let’s us know that he did that but she didn’t, that she would still post on social media about pribaj stuff and that was leading people on.


Prince said that it was after they agreed to stay friends that they got intimate as he said “two mature adult friends got intimate”. Tolani never failed to mention how much she disliked it and how she expected more from someone like him.


He also makes it clear that it was also after they agreed to stay friends that the unexpected kissing thing between Lilo and himself happened.


Tolani objects when Prince says that he called her to even ask and know what’s up with the Pribaj posts after they’ve agreed to be friends.


Theories About Dora’s Feelings

Many believe Dora feels bad because she doesn’t want to admit that she likes Prince just as the post says below, while some see her as being hurt that Prince wasn’t as open and as loyal as she expected which makes her have issues with Tolanibaj and also brings alot of embarrassment that could have been avoided; not just from Tbaj buh fans too. She wasn’t aware of a lot. She felt sidelined and she was kept in the dark about PriBaj.


She mentions having to hear a few days to the reunion Prince telling how he regrets getting intimate with Tbaj and she’s confused as she says “ehn?” And he repeats it and she says she was shocked saying that Tbaj would have come up to say stuffs to her thinking she knew about things between them.


Dora makes it clear that after her birthday she and Tbaj stopped talking. That was when issues started but she didn’t say anything because her name wasn’t involved in all the social media issue. “It was between Tolanibaj and my fans and my name wasn’t mentioned so I didn’t say anything”, Dora says.


Dora let’s her know that coming at her fans would hurt her saying “Tbaj should have known that”. Tbaj makes it clear that she’s not “fucking” with Dorothy and Dora says same too. Tolani said she and Dora never had anything cos there was no vibes nothing and she (Dora) was pretending or showing off to the camera. She says Dora should have cautioned her fans that that’s what she expected.


Ebuka confused and refers to ka3na and Lucy’s issue as well as Tbaj and Dora’s issue saying why don’t female just talk to each other.


Ebuka the host of the bbnaija reunion say Tbaj should have just told Dora to please caution your fans about the comments instead of thinking or expecting Dora to talk to her fans. Dora already made it clear in her statement that she didn’t bother getting involved because Tbaj didn’t mention her name.


Tolani Baj answers Ebuka’s question saying I wasn’t gonna let her fans bully me I was gonna show them that they can’t bully me and she says her and Dora had no vibes so she saw no reason why she would talk to Dora.


She (Tbaj) say Prince talked to her a day before Dora’s birthday being all sweet. ,”I knew he was gonna do something stupid”, she said. The next day I see that he goes to Dora’s birthday being all romantic, sweet and comments from fans started coming in saying PriDo is this PriDo is that, she was upset. She says he did nothing on her birthday that came after Dora’s.


She says he (Prince) would make so comments on Dora’s post that she was comfortable with and made her think something was going on between Prince and herself (Dora) and vice versa. “When I want to comment on Prince’s post I see Dora already posted something romantic and that puts me off she (Tbaj) says.

Prince’s Reply

To this Prince says



Wathoni commends Dora for her emotional control with Prince and Dora makes it clear that there was nothing between her and Prince.


Wathoni says Tbaj came to her after she (Tbaj) saw the kiss between Lilo and Prince and she (Wathoni) tried to make her feel better.

Wathoni tells Prince that he was wrong to play two women like that. “When I heard the Lilo situation I was thinking since Nengi rejected you, you decided to start playing around with women inside the house” Wathoni says.

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