Despite Sunday Igboho’s Powers He Was Attacked By DSS In Osun

Sunday Igboho

Despite Sunday Igboho’s Powers He Was Attacked By DSS In Osun

Again, Sunday Igboho escapes another attack from DSS in Osun

Reports has it that popular Yoruba activist, Sunday Igboho has successfully escaped another ploy by the DSS to attack him during the Yoruba nation rally that took place in Osun today.

Fabenmedia Nigeria reports that his media aide, Koikimedia uploaded a video of a man whom he described as a DSS officer sent to bug and take pictures of Sunday Igboho’s vehicle and plate number during the protest.

He explained that the man confessed following an interrogation with him.

One of the DSS Department of State Secretary that was apprehended at today’s Osun State mega Rally name as Mr Seun Olayinka working with Federal Government under DSS was caught today 15th May 2021

During our interrogation with him he said that he was sent by the Federal Government working on behalf of DSS to target one person Chief Sunday Igboho vehicles.

He confirmed to us himself that the mission was to bug and take pictures Chief Sunday Igboho’s vehicles plate number.

We had to do a quick security check using our own GPS DETECTOR to make sure the vehicles was not bug.

We would give further details after the report from our forensic expert.

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