Governor Mohammed Abdi Impeached For Gross Misconduct

Governor Mohammed

Governor Mohammed Abdi Impeached For Gross Misconduct

Fabenmedia Nigeria reports reports that Governor Mohammed Abdi was impeached on Tuesday evening, April 27, by the Kenya’s assembly.
The governor was impeached for gross misconduct and office abuse. A total of 36 out of 46 MCAs voted him out, achieving the two-thirds majority as required by the constitution.

The MCAs voted to extend the sitting so that they can continue with the impeachment motion. They accused Abdi of delegating his powers to Frist Lady Kheira Omar and gross misconduct.

“The governor has allowed his wife to literally run county affairs as the de facto authority. He ceremoniously officiates and signs off where necessary for decisions she unilaterally makes based on her own wishes and judgment without due regard to any law,” Tulatula MCA Abdullahi Isack who sponsored the motion.

MCAs also were against his strategic plan, poor accountability and his random reshuffles in the finance docket that have been done in less than two years.

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