I could Eat Myself Because I Look That Good, Linda Ikeji Slams a Troll

Linda Ikeji

I could Eat Myself Because I Look That Good, Linda Ikeji Slams a Troll who called her outfit tacky


Fabenmedia Nigeria reports that mother of one, Linda Ikeji, has taken her time to reply to a troll who called her outfit tacky-“If you say you are a millionaire, dress like one”

Popular Nigerian blogger, stated that she could eat herself because she looks that good

After Linda put up a photo of herself and praised her body despite childbirth, then the response from the follower came

The blogger put this individual in check by addressing the troll after the individual tried to pull a fast one by trying to body shame her dress sense

This was after she put up a photo where she had a see-through top on, paired with three-quarter shorts and shoes.

Linda Ikeji

This online medium reports that Linda praised her amazing body despite childbirth and her unhealthy lifestyle. She tagged staying in shape without exercise or surgery an achievement.


According to the follower identified as @style__and_trends, the mum of one did not look good and looked tacky in the see-through top.

The individual further said that she was a millionaire but could not dress like one.
Linda Ikeji
Fabenmedia reports that replying to the rude comment, Linda stated that she looked so good, she could eat herself.

Refusing to let the mum of one have the last say, @style__and_trends replied that her confidence and self-love is admirable, but if she claimed to be rich, she needed to dress like it.

“@officiallindaikeji love the confidence and self love, but if you are rich rich like you claim , please dress the part! Light and love.”

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