“You Have One Minute Remaining” See the MTN lady Now

You Have One Minute Remaining”

“You Have One Minute Remaining” See the MTN lady Now

Fabenmedia recalls that we saw pictures of her some time ago and now we are seeing her in a different way

How do you feel when you are on call am all of a sudden you just heard “You have one minute remaining? well no need to explain I know how you feel am also a victim to it.

I strongly believe that MTM users would have been wondering who is this lady ? Where is she from? .

Well after making research I found out that Kgomotso Christopher is the lady with the sweet voice behind the “You have one minute remaining”.

In this article we want to remember her and see some of her beautiful and tempting photos .

Kgomotso Christopher is a South African beautiful lady, who has one of the best and nicest customer care voice .

She is the MTN staff who is behind the voice “You have one minute remaining” and insufficient balance to complete this call. Kgomotso Christopher is a university graduate from Columbia University, and she has been working for MTN for over six years.

Let’s check out some of her beautiful photos and how she looks like now.


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