Covid-19: During Palliative Looting Lady Was Stampede To Death (Video)


Covid-19: During Palliative Looting Lady Was Stampede To Death (Video)

Fabenmedia recalls that many covid-19 palliatives have been looted from warehouses in different state by its resident.

A young lady has died in a stampede as she was struggling for Covid-19 palliatives in GWAGWALADA, Abuja.

Fabenmedia gathered that the video of the said lady on a stretcher at St. Mary Hospital, Gwagwalada was shared online so her family can be notified of the situation.

According to available reports, the young lady was among the people that trooped to a warehouse located on Secretariat Road in Gwagwalada area council of the FCT where Covid-19 palliatives were stored.

While the struggle to get the food items ensued, she reportedly tripped and was trampled upon by the agitating crowd who were also fighting to collect their own items, in the process, she suffocated.

She was rescued and rushed to the General hospital in Gwagwalada where she was confirmed dead.

Facebook user, Emmanuela Oraegbune shared photos of the deceased woman online with a call for anyone who knows her family members to go to the hospital.

In an updated post, Emmauela said that the family of the deceased lady has been contacted and they have identified her corpse.

Watch the video below:


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