Celebrity Twins Making Great Strides On The Big Screen

…What bonds them together!

Twins are said to be blessings to their parents. But this was not the case during the dark era of the 19th century when the innocent babies in some part of Africa were seen as evil messengers of the gods that must not live.

It, however, took the intervention of one Scotish woman, Mary Slessor to end the barbaric killings of twins. Today, we have a world filled with set of twins who have not only become household names across the black continent, but also, have become successful in their respective callings.

In the Nigerian showbiz industry, twins are holding sway. Surprisingly, some of the actresses you know today are actually identical twins who are now seen as great assets and sources of inspiration to the aspiring and younger actors.

Though most of them are not into acting with their twin sisters or brothers, those who really are, are truly outstanding .

From Chidinma And Chidiebere Aneke, Tracy and Treasure Daniels, Hassana and Hussaina Musa Abdullahi, Mary Lazarus and her twin bother, Joseph, Kehinde Bankole and Taiwo, the Nigerian movie industry is indeed blessed with talented twins who are steadily making positive impacts on the society.These twin celebrities have one thing in common: They all share a birthday with a special sibling as well as an intimate relationship that many admire and attribute to their success. For them, being twins had taught them the value of companionship and bonding.

Continue to read the stories of twin celebrities and the special bond they share with their twin.

Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke

If there are any admirable twins in Nollywood today, they are the Aneke twins. Chidinma and Chidiebere Aneke are known to be one of the busiest identical twins working in the Nigerian movie industry. Debuting in the industry in 2004, they have not been found wanting in their quest to conquer the screen in Nigeria.

Daring and talented, the Enugu State-born Aneke twins, who came into limelight as twins on the turf when they featured in the 1999 commercially successful movie, “Ebuka” are today the toast of many lovers of Nigerian movies. They returned to school shortly after the movie was released to further their education and later staged a comeback to acting in 2003.

Since then, they have not slowed down. While doing what they know how to do best, producers have created characters and cast them for similar roles that brought out the stuff they were made of in most cases.

They have also transformed from being in front of the camera to being behind the camera as producers, starring in over 60 movies. One of the attributes that keep endearing fans to them is their love for each other. They are better described as close friends than twins.

This is because they are always in the company of each other. Most times, fans mistake them following their striking resemblance. It’s safe to say that the Aneke twins share a kind of spiritual bond that marriage cannot break. Though they once expressed their desire to marry twins as a way of sustaining their spiritual affinity.

In an Instagram post to celebrate their birthday recently the identical twins wrote “ You were assigned my best friend even before birth. You’re not just my twin, you’re my pillar of strength and the other half that makes me complete. My whole life you have stood by me and inspired me to believe in myself.” No one knows if they will ever be separated from each other!

Tracy and Treasure Daniel

You will instantly recognize these gals because they look alike. Tracy and her twin sister, Treasure Daniels are each other’s best friend, confidant and companion. They share a lot in common and if possible, it’s their dream to marry twins too.

The light-complexioned twins who were discovered by popular movie director, Lancelot Imasuen while shooting a movie in Enugu years back, have since starred in many movies together. They have also produced their own movies such as “Love and Cash”, “Beloved Twins” and “Unknown Caller” in addition to venturing into business.

Referred to as Golden Girls, the Ebonyi State-born twin sisters are best known for their crazy love for fashion and signature appearance. While Tracy was formally married to her Indian millionaire husband, her twin sister has not tasted marriage. Following their upbringings as daughters of a minister of God, Rev. Daniel Nwokike Idenyi, it’s worthwhile to note that these soft-spoken twins have enjoyed smooth careers devoid of scandals.

As Tracy put it in one of her interviews, “ We are women of substance, entrepreneurs and lovers of God. But that doesn’t mean in any way that if you cross us, we will just say God bless you; we stand up for each other. We are compassionate like Christ, and all who have had dealings with us in the past can attest to that.”

She added: “It may appear easy for people to believe that what distinguishes us in the movie industry is simply that we are identical twins, but that’s not so true because there are several other twins out there in the industry. It may not appear obvious but our patience, integrity, tenacity and perseverance set us apart in the entertainment industry as a whole.”

Hassana And Hussaina Musa Abdullahi

The resemblance between the twin sisters is top notch as they have everything in common down to their sets of teeth and cute disposition. The Kano State-born twins debuted in the Hausa movie industry about seven years ago and have featured in music videos by Sadik Zazzabi, one shot in Port-Harcourt and another on Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, which was shot in Abuja.

They have also featured in such Hausa movies as “Mairon Kauye”, “Juyin Mulki” and is still counting. Hassana once disclosed that she wouldn’t wait for twin sister if any man comes to ask for her hand in marriage.

“Marriage is the ultimate desire of every woman, as such I will ask her to pray for God to bring somebody that will marry her soonest but I will not postpone my own wedding to wait for tomorrow which is not certain,” she said. For any reason, these gals are inseparable and the special bond they share together is evident in their infectious smiles.

Kehinde Bankole and Taiwo

You may know Kehinde Bankole as an enterprising actress, but what you don’t know also is that she has a twin sister. While Taiwo isn’t so much on the big screen, Kehinde is the Nollywood sweetheart that came into prominence in 2007, after featuring in Wale Adenuga’s produced Super Story.

Kehinde had previously contested in Miss Commonwealth Nigeria beauty contest and Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant, in 2003 and 2004 respectively. She was a co-host on TV Show ‘Soul Sisters’ and also hosted ‘Africa Kitchen.’ Taiwo on the other hand had featured in a couple of movies before shifting focus to her business. If not for the slight height difference, it will be difficult to distinguish between the twin sisters.

Marry Lazarus and Joseph

Mary Lazarus is one of the gifted actresses in Nollywood today, but not many people know she has a twin brother called Joseph. Mary and her twin brother are the last of their Abia State parents six children. Even though they aren’t identical, it won’t take one an eternity to realize that they actually resemble each other.

While Joseph is not in the showbiz industry, Mary who came into the limelight in 2009, after starring in the movie ‘Waiting Years’ has maintained a steady rise in the industry. Like other twins, Mary and Joseph are so fond of each other. You can take note of this claim, following the way and manner they celebrate their birthdays on social media and frequently talk about their spiritual affinity. It’s all about the world of the twins!


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