Love Reigns! How Risikat, Blue-eyed Woman Reunited With Husband

Risikat Azeez, the blue-eyed woman, who said she was kicked out of her matrimonial home for her features, has now reunited with Abdul-Wasiu Omo-Dada, her husband.

She had made headlines after Wasiu allegedly sent her packing from their home alongside her two daughters.

Olufolake Abdulrazaq, the Kwara state first lady, had sought to help them reunite.

In a statement from the office of the First Lady narrated how efforts to reunite them yielded positive results.

It reads:

The Frst Lady of Kwara State,  Her Excellency Dr Mrs Olufolake Abdulrazaq on Wednesday August 19, 2020 met with Risikat Azeez (lady with blue eyes), the husband Abdulwasiu Olomoyoyo and their two children.

The meeting which was held via a zoom conference presented the family the avenue to discuss with Her Excellency their plans moving forward. 
The first lady assured the couple of securing an apartment for them and opening a patent medicine store for Risikat when it is certified that she can dispense same safely.

Risikat said she learnt the trade after she was unable to sit for the senior school certificate examination due to financial constraints.

The first lady is equally looking into the plight of the husband who complained about low patronage in his vulcanizing trade with a view to possibly employ him as a maintenance officer so as to allow him function well as the head of the family.

Also Her Excellency appointed Natex modelling Agency to work with the family on publicity photo shoots to forestall the avalanche of various people taking so many photos of the family for unknown purposes.

It would be recalled that the first lady in her efforts to assuage the challenges of Risikat’s family had presented financial grant to the family, secured early childhood education scholarship for the children to be financed by the school and enlisting Risikat in the ongoing skill acquisition programme of the Ajike People Support Center to keep her productively engaged.”

Meanwhile, on Thursday, fresh pictures of the couple together surfaced on social media after the protracted marriage crisis, with BBC Yoruba reporting that the lovebirds are now giving the union another shot.

Wasiu told the news outlet that: “I’m happy that we have ended our quarrel. Things are returning to how they were before. We’re now eating together and wearing same fabric.”

Speaking earlier in defense of himself, Wasiu had said his wife left home out of her own volition, adding that he started having troubles with her after she started behaving waywardly towards him.

He had also said that Risikat, whom he claimed wasn’t content with what he offers her and the kids, had blackmailed him by putting up pictures of herself and his kids on Facebook to “beg for alms”.

“It was because of her eyes I married her. Her actions towards me like waywardness and telling me I wasn’t being good to her caused the trouble. But they’re not satisfied,” Wasiu had claimed.

“They posted pictures of my children on Facebook, using them to beg for alms. They said I didn’t give them food. I couldn’t leave her because I loved her. With all the blackmail, I didn’t beat her.

“I never made things hard for her. Sometimes she cooks and wouldn’t make mine. I’d get bread and attempt taking stew but she would snatch the pot. I end up dipping bread in water for dinner.”

See some photos of Risikat’s family:

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