OMG! SEE Nollywood Actress That Became A WIDOW After Playing WIDOW Role In Movie

Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus is one woman who you cannot help but love.

The star who broke into the entertainment industry at the young age of 14 grew up to became one of the most famous Nollywood stars who amazingly is still in the business today.

In a recent interview with the Nation, Stella reveals a little bit about one of her roles which had an effect on her in real life.

She explained how she got a part acting as a widow in a movie titled ‘The Widow’ which eventually became her fate as she, later on, became a widow herself.

The talented actress noted that the role was one of her most memorable ones in her three decades of acting.

She said, “for me, as the actor, I would say ‘Widow’ because it challenged the life out of me.

“I always tell people that when I made that film, I wasn’t a widow at the time. My late husband was still alive, and would even come to pick me up from set somedays.

“Making a film like that and being exposed to someone’s life story because it is a real-life story; opened my eyes to what was going on with widowhood practices and widow abuse to this day.

“It really affected me in ways I couldn’t imagine, and the whole experience was crazy, but it was if I was being prepared for something I never knew would happen to me.

“Later on, when my husband passed, it hit me that what happened in the movie widow is what people were expecting to happen to me. It dawned on me that this is the ordeal of the average African widow.

“Making that film was so challenging, especially when we filmed the emotional scenes. It was so difficult for me to break out of the character sometimes, so much so that even when the Director says CUT, I would still be so overwhelmed and breakdown even more.

“It would also affect the crew members sometimes. Some of the scenes were so deep and heavy, and it made us wonder how people could put other human beings through such torture all under the guise of widowhood practices.”

Thankfully, she did not have to go through all that torture when she lost her husband afterward.

Today, the beautiful Stella Damasus is married to Daniel Ademinokan, who is a Filmmaker and Music Producer.

She recently took to social media to celebrate her husband, on his birthday.

In a lovely post on her Instagram page, Damasus described her husband as a special gift who has impacted her positively.

She also thanked the filmmaker for his care and selflessness, noting he has been an exceptional husband and father.

“It’s my husband’s birthday and I am grateful to God for such a special gift. @dabishop007 you are an amazing and exceptional husband and father,” she wrote.

“You have been a blessing in my life, a teacher, a friend, and my pastor. I love you so so much boo. Thank you for making me feel special every single day. Thank you for being so selfless and caring. May God grant your heart desires and give you long life in Jesus’ name.”

Watch Excerpt From The Movie ‘Widow’


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