CEO of Cedarwood Rentals, Osa Avielele Diekolola, Ex- Governor Adebayos Daughter Buried-

Her journey home to mother earth began on Thursday & Friday to be more precise.  She was committed to mother earth on Friday. The news of her painful passage/death on Thursday, July 16, 2020, when she breathed her last, from the complications that arose from childbirth (days after she had successfully given birth to her one & only) hit everyone like a sledgehammer.

She was someone everyone was eagerly awaiting, for them to celebrate with and the reverberations from the sad occurrence has not abated since, even many days after her death happened. Many are still thinking that maybe, just maybe, it’s still a bad joke & a bad dream/nightmare that would soon go away and that people would soon wake up from and that Dieko would soon appear again on the scene, like nothing really happened. Bringing utmost joy into the lives of her loved ones.
But alas, the lady with the beautiful heart is gone, a kind soul to the core, a giver and a lover has gone forever! Shame!!!! Since her passing though, it has been an outpouring of divergent emotions from everywhere, with people falling over themselves to eulogize her and remember her as appropriately as they can. Her long awaited child (son), who was born on Tuesday July 7, 2020, just 9 days before her unfortunate demise, is doing great and is getting the very best of care that a child born into awesome provisions could get.
The boy can also expect extraordinary care and more from so many people, as he is now the only physical remembrance of his well loved mom, who has transcended this world and has begun another journey on another plain already. The people are sure to over compensate on this baby. May Dieko’s soul continue to rest.
The activities took place during her ultimate send off/burial, come Thursday, July 30, 2020 between the hours of 5.30 & 7.00pm there was [Service of Songs] in memory of the dearly departed. And friends and associates alike, joined her family members on Zoom to partake in the service.  
Thereafter, on ‘Friday, July 31, 2020’ in Arlington, Virginia, USA, her [funeral service] took place between the hours of 10am & 11.30am and she was committed to mother earth. As everyone bids their farewell.  
A more physical gathering would also be held too, but it’s at a later date maybe in Ilorin, Kwara State & or Lagos, sometime in August of 2020, date of which would be communicated and that gathering is going to be strictly by invitation, owing to the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic restrictions or the observation of protocols on close quarters gatherings. That gathering is tagged a “Celebration of Life”. ‘Diekolola Olatanwa Olaotan Osa-Avielele, was born on Tuesday, March 2, 1976 in Ilorin, Kwara state to Chief Cornelius & Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Adebayo.
Her dad was a teacher/academician turned politician who became a Governor of Kwara State at a point. She was the 2nd of 6 children of her parents, made up of 5 girls and a boy. 1988- she finished her primary school at the University of Ilorin Primary School. 1993- she finished from the University of Ilorin Secondary School. 1999- she got her LLB from the University of Ilorin, Kwara State. 2001- she was called to bar in Abuja. 2004- she got her LLM from the famous Howard University Washington DC, USA. 2004-2008- she first worked at Globacom as an in house counsel, before she moved to Conoil Producing as Senior Legal Officer.

She thereafter resigned to start her own brand. She started first with Cedarwood Rentals, an event solution company that quickly made a mark and from there she established the award winning D Venue Event Center. She was the pioneer VP of the Island branch of the Association of Venue Owners.
Her doting husband is Mr. Emmanuel Osa-Avilele, who is the Group Head Retail & SME Banking, Union Bank. She would be forever missed by a host of loved ones.

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